One Year and Three Months

When I first began this blog and pitched it to History Colorado, I was told my deadline would be around October… of last year. It’s halfway through 2021 now and I see my deadline much closer than I did then. Since my last post, spring came with some ideas that I had been thinking about […]

Winter 2021

Is it over yet? The days are becoming longer (yet not quite warmer), and in a few short weeks, it has been a year since I first began quarantine. I would just like to say how proud I am of myself for how far I’ve come. I left a bad marriage, I moved into a […]


The pandemic has ruled about eight months of my life now. Still masked. Still unemployed. Still searching for that light at the end of the tunnel. As someone who looks forward to traveling and eating and exploring, I feel trapped. Especially now that restaurants can’t offer indoor dining anymore. I did take a quick break […]

Fall 2020

What has been up? A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I summited a mountain and camped overnight on a mountain range near Turquoise Lake. It was my first time backpacking with about 20 pounds (hey, I’m a little person!), a 16-mile total hike. As much as I wanted to do it […]

Summer 2020

Traveling I know, I know. This is a big no-no, considering the circumstances. It’s also the reason I’ve been absent from posting so I apologize on my end. About mid-June, I ventured to Missouri to visit my family. I hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving and really wanted to be home since I had quarantined for […]

No Justice, No Peace

I would be amiss to not note the protests that have been occurring for more than a week now in the streets of Denver and every other city in the rest of America. On May 25, George Floyd was wrongfully murdered by Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin who knelt on his neck until he died. Every […]

Face Masks

When the CDC required people to wear face masks in public spaces, it was only natural there would be pushback. I think the biggest problem was that CDC-approved masks (cotton doubled-up and a filter for safe measure) were not supplied to us like our stimulus checks were, so how did they expect us to comply […]

A Web of Lies

As lovely as social media is, we have also seen the downside of what this virtual connection can do to us. One of my biggest pet peeves is the amount of complaining I’ve seen. Posts, rants, comments (thank goodness for memes.) And in a social media driven world, we cannot allow this negativity to go […]

Positive Mentality

This week, I want to talk about taking care of your mental health. These past few months has turned everyone’s world upside down in some way, and we’ve all found different ways to cope. I was in the middle of a career change when my world came to a standstill. I thought I’d be okay. […]

What I’m Watching on Netflix

Brief intro: I’m into scary. Supernatural. Gory. History. And lastly, funny. So please don’t recommend Grey’s Anatomy or Vampire Diaries to me because I’ve seen how you girls act while watching those shows. Here’s a list of binge-worthy Netflix flicks I’ve enjoyed during my time in lockdown. Let me know what you think! Supernatural Locke […]


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